10 April Fools Products You Should Try This Season


So it’s that time of the year again and it has become a custom for companies to roll out some funny and interesting products to fool their customers on April 1. But it’s not like the old times as people have access to all kinds of social media and latest devices, so you can’t always use that old joke again and again to fool people. Nowadays, companies invest a lot to pull a rabbit out of the hat. So we looked around to pick some products that not only made us laugh but also made us wish if it were real. No….Not really!!!

1.Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker

The Pranks have entered your toilet too and it is really weird to think that your toilet paper roll talks to you. If you want to make your friend uncomfortable even in his bathroom, then gift this Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker, where when he pulls some paper, his bathroom is filled with the voice of Donald trump. A great prank to really surprise anyone, who hears Donal trump’s voice suddenly out of nowhere and that too in their very own bathroom. Yes, the voice is 100% the voice of Donald Trump that has been recorded from his various interviews and speeches.

Some of the sayings include:

“I will be the greatest President that God ever created.”

“I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair. I swear.”

“I think I am a nice person. People that know me, like me.”

And a whole lot of other sayings from the man himself. No sooner as this funny gag gift has been released, it has been selling like hot cakes and grab your own Toilet Roll Talker now!!!

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2. 5 X Yonger Creative Spoof Funny Trick

Toy Props Nail Through Finger

If you want to get spooky with your pranks and surprise your friends and family with your funny tricks, then you’ve perfect trick in your hands. Yes, Right in your fingers, this trick makes others believe that you’ve got nails hammered through your fingers and you’ve bandages around it. Anyone seeing your bloody fingers will definitely say “ouch”, yes, that’s how everyone will react.

But the reality is that they are plastic nails resembling original nails and are designed in such a way that they don’t go all the way across your finger but has one half of a nail above and another piece of nail below your finger. But this creative spoof funny trick is an amazing prank to play with your friends during parties or get-togethers. This funny trick is also great for Halloween or other costume parties as well.

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3.Liquid Ass


If you want get dirty with your pranks and make the most out of it, then Liquid Ass is your best bet. Ahhh!! Yes, it is one the most stinky pranks you can ever make. Liquid Ass is a bottle containing some highly concentrated liquid, drives everyone out of the room with its horrible fart smell. If you want to drive someone out of the room or out of some place, then Liquid Ass comes to your rescue, as once you spray it inside the room, it fills the room with a butt-crack smell along with some dead animals smell etc.

But one thing you need to remember is that you need to get the hell out of that room as soon as you spray the Liquid Ass inside the room. It also makes up for a great prank to see people’s reactions and watch how their face changes to this horrible smell and how they curse the person next to him think he was responsible for the fart etc. Make sure to keep this liquid ass out of reach of children.

4.DE-Realistic Rubber Black Mamba

Snake Toy

Another great April Fools prank toy is the DE-Realistic Rubber black mamba snake toy. At first look, no one would say that it is a toy, because it is so realistic with the colours, scales and the head popping out looks completely real. Not only fool your friends and family, you can also fool birds and squirrels away from your garden by keeping this black mamba rubber snake toy. These snakes also makes for great props in your school drama performances, in swamp and forest settings. Just try to sneak these rubber snakes near unsuspecting friends and laugh your heart out watching their weird reactions. No one can spot this to be a dummy snake at first look and only when you take a good closer look at the snake can you tell that it is fake. But do you have the guts to go closer near this dangerous black mamba? Kids sure will love these rubber snakes to play with them in gardens and to scare their friends with this rubber snake.

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5.Prank Joke Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test can be carried out at your home with a simple pregnancy strip, where if you place drop of urine, if it shows positive results then the pregnancy is confirmed or else if negative results is shown, pregnancy is not confirmed. But the Right Time Pregnancy test strip looks exactly similar to the original test strips with a well-designed package, fake instruction manuals and also comes with two sealed test strips. No one would guess that this is fake as it so much resembles to be as original it can be.

But the prank here is, this test strip shows positive results all the time and even if you just place a drop of water. If you want to play a gag on your husband or boyfriend and see his reaction, then the prank pregnancy test is a great option.

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6.Rhode Island Novelties Full Display of

72 Exploding Noisemakers Bomb Bags

If you want to scare your co-workers at the workplace or your friends at the birthday party or just to play scare with your dogs in the garden, the noisemakers bomb bags is the perfect choice. There cannot be a more novelty and fun way to scare the hell out of any one. Once you throw these bags, it pops up with a loud noise, really frightening any unsuspecting ones out there. These are non-toxic and should be kept out of reach from children under the age of 14. These can also be used in stage shows, drama where you have scenes like throwing bombs and you can definitely use these bomb bags there. It is just easy to set the bag go off, as all you need to do is pop the pellet inside and within 10 seconds the bag explodes with a huge noise.

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7.Rubie’s Liquid Blood Capsules

Want to go on a fright night and scare your friends and families with blood oozing out from your mouth, then the Rubies Liquid blood capsules will do the trick for you. It comes with 6 blood capsules and to make the illusion of blood dripping from your mouth, all you need to do is bite the capsule in your mouth and try to mix the liquid from the capsule with the saliva and that’s it, blood starts to drip from your mouth like a vampire returning after a drink. The blood looks extremely realistic and it is a great prank to play among your kids or helps you in your stage shows in schools or colleges, when enacting devil plays.

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8.Disappearing Ink with Pen

Another great prank is this pen that when you write anything with this pen disappears completely in a few seconds. You can fool your kids with this magical pen to show them some of your magical skills by writing something and telling them that after you cast a magic spell, the words would disappear. No kids will agree at first, but when they really see the words disappear, they are really in for an “AAAHH!!” reaction. You can also surprise your colleagues at workplace or play pranks at them by giving them hand written documents asked by them and play normal, when they say words are gone. This is a great prank game for adults as well as children to really make fun out of somebody.

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9.Loftus Gross Party Pooper Fake Poo Toy

If you have a very disgusting taste and will go to any extent in creating a prank, then the fake poo toy is there for you.

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10.The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1

If you want go all out with an ultimate prank with all kinds of prank items, then the ultimate prank kit is your best bet. This kit contains everything you need to play the ultimate prank among your friends or family. It has everything from fake lotto tickets to fake car scratch stickers to blood capsules and the list goes on.

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So we’ve brought you some of the interesting April Fool Products out there in the market and choose the right product and laugh your hearts out and enjoy your pranks with your friends and family. Leave a comment if you have experiences with products from this list or add your favorite april fools products.

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Happy Fooling!


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