10 Cool And Useful Bathroom Gadgets

Bathroom gadgets and inventions can help you in some situations like holding your “gear” while need to be hands free or add cool and unique style to your bathroom. In this list we selected few ones that got our eye because of its functionality. originality or design. Let’s see what we got on the list:

1.Motion Activated Toilet Night light

You know the feel when you going on WC during night and turn on light right? Oh my eyes! Well this gadget will help with that in 2 ways you no need to look for switch in darkness and you can set one of 16 different colors so each night visit can be different or chose your favorite color!

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2.Bathroom Mini Golf


Let’s stay on seat while longer and play golf during the day! Perfect  gift for all golf fans.

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3.Toilet Paper Holder

Nowadays smartphones are ours companions and we bring them everywhere and sometimes there is problem if we need to be “hands free” and this great gadget will help in that situation.

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4. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Dont touch my nose! That what he said then gel started to leak out from the nose and it was green! Funny shaped gel dispenser that make your showers more enjoyable.

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5.Toothpaste Cream Squeezer

Everybody know the struggle with toothpaste getting low in the tube and you need to squeeze it every time, well no more! With help of this squeezer shaped as lips you will just move it from time to time until the tube is empty! It can be used also on lotions, salves and other household products.

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6.Holster Brands

Very useful not only bathroom gadget that will hold your things like razor, hot iron, scissors or even pens. Holster come in many different shapes and colors to fit your needs! Holster feature with holes in bottom allow wet objects to drain and dry easy.

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7.Toothbrush Holder

Another kind of holder now more focused on toothbrushes and razors in shape of kitten. Holder come in various colors and will hang out with your toothbrush while you will not use it. No worries her paws are strong and will hold it tight.

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8.LED Shower-Head

Similar to #1 on this list we have now Led shower head that will change color according temperature of water. Cool thing about this invention is that batteries are not needed and energy is made from the water in turbine inside! This Shower head  have 5 settings like : Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain & Water-Saving Pause.

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9.Sink Stopper

Easy to use and cool design thats sink stopper one of many funny looking bathroom gadgets. Can be used in bathroom or kitchen and work on any sink material.

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10.Bathtub Caddy Tray

If you love to spend time in bathtub this excellent tray is for you! Fit all standard sized bathtubs up to 43 inch featuring tablet/book holder, enough place for wine glass, candle and your cosmetics.

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Final words about bathroom gadgets

In this list were selected only 10 from tons of bathroom gadgets that you can get on market. Some are useful some just look cool and can add style to your bathroom. Let us know in comments below which one is your favorite also what color of toiled night light would you pick. Also let us know your experiences if you have any of those gadgets or have different one that could be on the list.If you still looking for more interesting stuff for your bathroom browse more.

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