Caturday Ideas

While browsing web i have found many things amongst them are toys not only for cats but also cat themed apparel and gadgets. For now you find here just few things but over time i add more interesting stuff found on net! So let’s check it out:

1.Finger hands

With finger hands you will have lots of fun and can be applied almost for anything! See pic below! Even this cat needed pair of extra hands to feel more human. There are tons of manufacturers who make these finger hands also you can find many different sizes and colors that fit your needs. Perfect as gift for everyone who love to have fun.


Image Source: q_dork

Well looks like not only cats love finger hands but also dogs! This one  make laugh his whole family all the time.

And of course using finger hands on human fingers to have fun and do some awesome pics that you will not forget so easily.

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Now we switch sides and instead of cat using human like hands you can use Handicat on your fingers as cat! This toy come with 4 legs and head, maybe if we had 6 fingers tail would be included too! Play as cat with your cat, get 2 sets and play with yourself or your friend catwars. Endless possibilities if you have enough imagination.

There are many more finger toys shapes like unicorn, horse or pug!

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3.Cute Cat Soft Wool Cotton Socks

Adorable warm and comfy socks! What else any cat lover would need? Saw many cat themed socks on the net! Choose your favorite style. color and design.

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4.Cat Paw Gloves

Since we have now our feet in warm socks it’s time for hands! Cat paw gloves are cute and will keep your hand nice warm. While browsing foun whole cat costume package that include cat paw gloves, one pair of ear hairclip, bow tie and a cat tail.

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5.Cat hat

Let’s end this with cat hat! Nice warm hat with ears to finish cat like look. So we got socks gloves and hat now!

On the journey to find something cool found i also found hoodies, many costumes and even panties with kittens. The market is full of cute and interesting things in this article were just few.

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