Dress Up Your Home with These Creative Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter, for those who celebrate it, is one of the biggest spring holidays. Themes of resurrection and rebirth abound, with baby plants and animals seen popping up all over. Whether you have children or grandchildren to dress up your home for, or simply enjoy the pastel colors and beautiful signs of spring, Easter decoration ideas can be fun for everyone.

Let’s take a look at a few fun decorating ideas that you can enjoy as you decorate the inside and outside of your home:

Outdoor Themed Lights

There are a wide variety of Easter decoration ideas that can be carried out with outdoor lights. Whether you choose to purchase lights that are shaped like bunnies and eggs, or opt to string rope lights on bare branches and then hang colored eggs from the trees in your yard, you’ll wind up with an attractive display. There are also lights available with pastel colored bulbs, so that you can accentuate your landscaping in a wide variety of spring colors.

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Inflatable Decorations

Inflatables are another easy way to make a dramatic impact as you create an outdoor Easter yard display. Many creative Easter decoration ideas are available, ranging from giant inflatable bunnies to chicks, baskets of eggs, to entire Easter scenes. These decorations are easy to set up and maintain, and with the addition of a few simple spotlights are easy for those passing by to view both day and night. If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate for the Easter holidays, this is it.

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Garden Décor

If you already have flower beds in your landscaping, your tulips and crocuses may be beginning to bloom right around Easter. If so, you can dress up the area with a few more Easter decorations to add an additional splash of color. Consider wooden stake decorations with cut out bunnies, chicks, and eggs, or sayings such as “Happy Easter”. These garden decorations are an easy way to brighten up your flowerbeds while adding a festive touch of holiday cheer.

Hanging Decorations and Flags

Homes that have awnings, window boxes, or porches may find that hanging potted plants, hanging decorations, and festive flags is a great way to decorate. These Easter decoration ideas allow for quite a bit of creativity, as you can choose flowers that are your favorite spring colors, scents, and varieties. You can select flags that reflect your favorite messages, such as “Hoppy Easter” or “Spring has Sprung!”  You can choose pinwheels, whirling flags that sparkle and twirl, or anything else you like from a wide selection of Easter decoration ideas to decorate the outside of your home. You truly are only limited by your imagination in this area.

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Baskets and Creativity

For children, one of the most enjoyable parts of Easter is the Easter basket. Whether you’re purchasing a pre-prepared basket, or selecting a basket and then filling it with items that you select on your own, choosing creative treasures for the special children in your life is half the fun of this special holiday. If you won’t be hosting children this Easter, you can also use baskets as creative Easter decoration ideas throughout your home, filling them with artificial or real flowers, decorated eggs, spring greenery, and other spring themed decorations. Baskets are a wonderful element of Easter decoration that fit well into almost any home.

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Easter Eggs

The egg fits well into the spring season as a symbol of fertility. At Easter, eggs are frequently included in games such as egg rolls and egg tosses, hidden for egg hunts, and colored and used as beautiful decorations. There are many creative Easter decoration ideas that involve eggs, ranging from using them in their natural state to coloring them with brightly colored dyes. Whether you choose to use a pre-purchased egg dying kit, color your eggs with natural dyes, paint them in intricate patterns, or dye them with silk fabrics, coloring and using eggs is a long standing part of the tradition of celebrating Easter across many faiths.

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Easter wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate the outside of your home’s door and welcome visitors into your home. Whether you choose a pre-purchased wreathe that is already decorated, or opt to select a grapevine wreath and decorate it yourself with eggs, flowers, and other spring greenery, it is sure to make quite the impression on your guests as they visit your house. The wreath is a long standing symbol of hospitality, no matter the season, and spring is a great time to freshen up the entrance to your home with an Easter themed wreath.

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Easter Themed Candles and Holders

Candles shine a warm, inviting light across your dinner table, welcoming guests to the meal that you’re sharing with them. Or, if you’re spending the evening sitting around the coffee table sharing a beverage and working on a puzzle or playing a board game, they can add a touch of warmth to a chilly spring evening. Why not use some Easter decoration ideas and dress up your home with candles shaped like eggs, or candle rings or holders with an attractive spring theme? These home décor items can help your family and guests enjoy making the tradition from winter to spring, while still enjoying taking the chill off of those cool spring evenings while waiting for summer to fully take hold.

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Easter Themed Toys

As mentioned earlier eggs are part of Easter for many years and in market are some cool products that can make you holiday season really awesome such as this Squawkin’ Egg Droppin’ Mama!

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Final Words about Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter decorations don’t have to be limited to bunnies and bonnets. There are many ways that you can decorate your home, indoors and out, to help make the transition from winter to spring. Chase away those winter blues and brighten up your inside décor with these Easter decoration ideas. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying warm spring sunshine every day. It’s almost time for jump ropes, hula hoops, and lemonade on the patio, but until we get there, let’s spend some time enjoying the sunny spring days that the Easter season brings to our doorsteps and decorate our homes appropriately.


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