Geek’s Big Wish List 2017

In this list you will some cool geeky and nerdy stuff from awesome Kitten Powerbank, Mushroom Shaped Lamp to color changing mug or some sick LED face masks. Most of the products you can get on Amazon so just click on title to be redirected to the product! Lets check the list :

49. You & Me Puzzle Piece Wood Card

Geeky gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

48. Dinosaur Shape Cell Phone Mounts

Cool gadget to hold your smartphone! It comes in multiple shapes like dog, cat etc.



47. Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

Each part have different capacity to easy measure ingredients! Need one R2D2 head of sugar and full torso of flour!

46. Funny Skeleton USB

Another great looking USB flash drive! I like how he is holding his head.

45. Betsey Johnson Hotline

Something for girls! So call me maybe?

44. Portal 2 Bookends

Cool bookends that can hold even bigger and heavy books together! Note portal gun is not included!

43. Pocket Samurai knife

If you still not have keychain and want some usefull one this one is right choice. Please don’t do harakiri with it!

42. 2×2 Cube

Beginner version! If you are still unable to complete it just use it as paperweight.

41. Flash Drive Sushi

When u say i saw probably everything and then your find USB in shape of Sushi! Not it’s not edible and you can store 8 or 16 GB data there.


40. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Get your senses stimulated! Great relaxation tool just turn off light and enjoy !

39. Game of Thrones Playing Cards

GOT themed cards with nice looking design. Excellent gift for Game Of Thrones fans.

38. Glowing Skeleton Keys

Glowing in the dark skull caps for keys so you can easy find them.

37. Toddler Groot 

Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 is out for some time and you can already get tons of merchandise one of them is baby groot.

36. Star Wars Walked Building Kit

For kids and adults too, if you love assemble models this walker is perfect choice for StarWars fans.

35. Bread Pillow

Just yummy! Love the back side wink, in overall very cute pillow.


34. Batman Watch

Looks just right also price is decent under 20 bucks, bummer is they are not water resistant.

33. Pikachu 3D LED Lamp

One thing on this is missing that the pikachu stand should be in pokeball shape otherwise looks cool.

32. TWD Daryl Crossbow Lamp

Sadly the crossbow is not real just holding the top. Really nice it would be to have real crossbow there just in case of zombie apocalypse, 2 in 1 nice lamp that can be transformed into weapon so you can save space.

31. Kitten PowerBank

This “Kitten” have pretty big capacity (10000mAh) and can charge you phone or tablet without problem.  Also can be used as paperweight in your office.

30.Star Wars Heat Change Mug

Now morning dark coffee or tea will be more fun. Hot water isinde activate the lightsaber almost instantly.


29. Star Wars Pillow Cover

Join the dark side while sleeping!

28.Pikachu USB Flash Drive 16GB

Get Pikachu now in USB version! Cute design and decent storage space. Only problem is if you have thin laptop or not much space around USB ports, the you might have trouble plug it in.

27. Injustice 2 The Versus Collection

Highly detailed collectable statues of  Batman 9 inch and Brainiac almost 11 inches.

Source: Instagram


26. Fidget Spinner X6

Spinners are pretty popular this year and there are really tons of different models and manufactures! Here is one of the best quality one from Kozodo Co. This spinner have durable construction and quality Si3N4 bearings that guarantee longer spinn life.


25.Gears of Time Wall Clock

This steampunk wall clock have great design and modern quartz clock movement mechanism, sadly on the clock part is moving otherwise it would be pretty dope to have such moving mechanism.


24.Funny Warning Sticker

“I heard my friend was having some problems with his tools being molested at work. I purchased this sticker to scare away the creepy coworkers. His tools have not been violated since. 10/10 would recommend.” by cheesewizz


23.Zelda Master Sword

This sword is perfect choice for Zelda fans, collectors and cosplayers you can also get shield here.

22.Deadpool Blanket

Did u know that 23.4 is national picnic day? Oh yes now imagine sitting on Deadpool’s face while eating your favorite food outside.

21.The Flash Pendant

Titanium steel pendant from The Flash, the edges are pretty sharp so can be used as weapon to fight other metahumans.


20.Batman Projector Pen

How to call Batman? Of course with bat signal now in pocket version! So you no need anymore run on top of building to turn on the big light if you need help from Batman.

19.LED Mushroom Dream Night Light

Cool thing about this lamp that the brightness change according to darkness in room, easy to install and looks cute with 3 different colors.

18.Cyber Clean

vhojv odfgjgi jpofgpij ôlvmcvlkhm This will looks your message if you use this “cleaner” with keyboard plugged in! Good to use on hard to reach places to get dirt out of there.

17.Captain Cat America

Got empty space on wall? How about this Catain America? Will definitely looks good on any superhero/cat fans wall.


16.The Flash Wing Socks

Important notice about this socks! They don’t provide super speed!

15.Deadpool 3D Bust Mouse Pad

Well this one is funny! Ideal would also be if you place hand between he would say something!

14.Blood Bath Mat

Great prankish mat, ideal would be to change color to red when you have wet feet but it not work like that!

13.Rechargable Battery

At first i was thinking its usb stick in shape of battery but its opposite!

12.Color Changing Mug-Zombie

When cold the mud looks like ordinary on but when it get hot the actions starts! Definitely great gift for zombie fans.

11.Bazinga! T-shirt

Sheldon’s famous word BAZINGA!

10.Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger

Most kids nowadays don’t even know who knight rider is but i’m sure you remember KITT

9.Dancing Groot

I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot!

8.LED Stripe Suspenders

Well looks like LED lights will be implemented into everything!

7.Skeleton Hand Gloves

Very cool looking in dark, also have many color variants.

6.Creepy Puppet Mask

Another thing you can prank someone! Great looking led mask also creepy!


5.T-Rex Mask

How about do some prank and scare your friends with this mask?

4.Tetris Puzzle Desk Lamp

Let’s play tetris in real life, each puzzle have different color like in the game.

3.Mermaid Blanket

More girly orientated blanked to keep you warm!

2.Star Wars R2D2 Mens Slipper

Now for Star Wars fans there are tons of slippers here is R2D2 “model”

1.Wearable Fingerless USB Powered Toast Hand Warmers

Cute and warm! Great for ppl who have problem with cold hands to keep them warm while playing favorite game.


The End! Lets us know what’s your favorite in comments below also if you think you found something that might fit this list write it too! The list will be updated soon with more interesting stuff so bookmark this site so you can easy visit next time.

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