Top Old School Skateboards List 2017

Are you collector of old school skateboards or want to get one for yourself to refresh memories from your childhood? Also if you are considering to get skateboard for your kids or grandkids with design from 70’s-80’s ? Then you should check this list of skateboards that are still manufactured and can also be found in online shops. Here is nice list of great design from many companies that create designs used in the past decades:


1.SANTA CRUZ Skateboard

This model OGSC Fade  is made from 100%  Maple and has a medium concave. Design is made by Erick Winkowski with yellow santa cruz logo on two color background. Complete set includes core trucks, durable 58mm wheels, quality Amphetamine Abec 5 bearings, black diamond griptape,risers and hardware to assemble everything.

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2.Tony Hawk Double Kick Pool Series Cross Skateboard

This old school skateboard is made from maple and ended with anti-slip tape to make your ride excellent. The deck is 32″ long with nice looking design of skull and hawk and Tony Hawk logo. Skate have ABEC-7  bearings known for  their precision parts and tolerance.



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3.Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard

Good looking design of a iconic re-pop from the 80’s. Board is 30″ long and made in USA. Great for collectors and as gift for children/grandchildren!

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4.Pastel Color Fish Skateboard Retro Style

Deck Size is shorter only 22″ long from maple. For this skateboard were used quality components to last long and can hold up to 220lbs.  Featuring smooth and fast ABEC-7 bearings and polyurethane wheels.

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5.Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Another from old school skateboards is this Mini 22 Inch retro style plastic board. Featuring ABEC-7 High speed bearing and 59 mm super smooth and high durability wheel. Advantage of being smaller is that this skate is shipped as assembled so no need to it on your own and easy to fit in backpack.

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 6.Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Classical design from 70’s,deck is  22″ long  with 3.125″ penny trucks and durable 59 mm penny wheels. Each wheel have different color so you can change style pretty easy.

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Few more old school skateboard designs from Penny graphics:

6.1 Space

6.2 Spike Orange


6.3 Fireworks

6.4 Canary Painted Fade

6.5 Lilac Lemon Mint

As you can see Penny have a lot of great old school skateboards designs i have selected just few from their collection. See them all here! I think everybody can pick at least one that will like.

7.Kryptonics Krypstik 29.75″ Retro

29 inch long maple deck with carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings and poured polyurethane 60mm wheels. Can hold 220 lbs  and recommended minimum age of 8 yrs. Black white design with blue krypstik logo.

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8.PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28

This old school looking skateboard is made from  9-ply maple wood deck, PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels and 608ZB bearings that guarantee smooth ride on streets. Can hold only 110lbs so it’s  meant for kids and combined with ninja turtles elbow, knee pads and helmet you will have own ninja rolling on street.

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9.ZtuntZ Skateboards “Grateful Skull”

7-ply Hard Rock Maple Lamination with Aerial Bond. Two color designs B&W and Black/White/Red combination. Hand made in USA.

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10.Vision Groholski Frankenstein

32 long deck made in USA. Board come in 4 different color variants black,natural,orange and dark blue. Its replica from 1980 with few changes to fit modern standards.

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Guide how to create own retro skateboard

In videos below you can learn how to make own board if you are DIY type person! After the board shape is finished its up to you what design, colors or art you use so be creative and unique!

Final words about these old school skateboards

As you can see old school skateboards are still a thing and you can find plenty of great looking designs with modern standard quality of components. Maybe in few years we will be looking for howerboard designs but for now skateboards rule the streets.

Got favorite design or have skateboard that is not on list? Then let Us know in comments bellow.

This list will be updated from time to time to add new skateboards designs focused on old school when skating was starting its journey.

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