Top 10 Best Coconut Oils 2017

We have all heard about the goodness of coconut oil and what wonders it can do to our body and hair. We have grown up listening to our grandmother’s talk about the goodness of coconut oil and how good it is for our hair. It makes our hair shiny, silky and lustrous. It has other properties like preventing bacterial growth or fungal growth. It also provides protection against the sun rays. It prevents dandruff and hair fall which is one of the biggest concerns these days. A hot oil treatment with coconut oil can work wonders for our hair and can result in a tremendous growth and thickness of the hair. Here are the top 10 best coconut oils that are the best for using on a daily basis:

1.Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil is an essence straight from the tropical regions and is untouched and natural. This is made from the rich soils that come from the pristine regions of Philippines which grow the flourishing coconut trees. This is hand-picked and then cold pressed in order to create this amazing result that we get to use. The method of cold pressing ensures that the nutrients from the coconut are sustained in the oil. Also, this is extra-virgin without any kind of pesticides or trans-fat. It might turn solid during the winters, but it is completely fine and melts while in hand. This has many uses like it can be consumed with food. Or alone in general qualities. The recommended quantity would be 1-4 tablespoons each day.

The next use would be for cooking; coconut oil is an amazing oil to cook with because of its natural taste and aroma that gives flavors to the food and also can be used as an alternative to butter. For skin routines, this can be used as a moisturizer, a body lotion during the winter and also if you have dry skin you can use it throughout the year without any side effects. It is a cure for rough elbows and knees. The uses and benefits of coconut oil for hair has been an age old story. And this oil has one added benefit i.e. this also acts as a hair mask and gives shine and texture to your hair with regular use. This can be applied during a hot massage or hair oil treatment as one of the oils or the main oil itself.

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2.Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin By COCO&CO

This Company uses the purest form of coconut to create the oils for hair and skin care. They use rich, GMO-free, pesticide-free and best quality coconuts to produce the oils. They do not use external chemicals or heat in order to sustain the nutrients. This is a very smooth oil texture wise and has a slight aroma of coconut. This can get stiff during winters but will melt while in your palm for easy application. People who like having coconut oil fresh from the jar, this is one of those ideal oils to do that. This acts as a moisturizer all through the year, helps in keeping the glow of the skin, anti-aging provides protection from the sun, removes makeup, etc.

While it does all this and much more just for the skin, it works wonders for your hair too. It helps in decreasing dandruff, hair fall, itchiness and what not. It can be ideally used for hair oil treatments. Apply thus directly to your roots and massage slowly for some time till its dissolved. Tie up your hair in a shower cap and let it sit for a while. Wash off with shampoo, and there you have it, smooth, silky and shiny hair!

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3.Premium Fractionated Coconut Oil

This is a perfect blend of everything resulting in one of the best coconut oils. This is known to have therapeutic benefits because of how pure the oil is and how rich it is in terms of nutrients and textures.  They take the best parts of the coconut to create this amazing massage oil. This will work wonders for your skin if you have dry or flaky skin. This can be applied directly to your skin without the fear of having to go through breakouts and what not. In general, for people with sensitive, combination or normal skin can use this throughout the year as a body lotion or moisturizer. For massage, it can also be mixed with other oils. A major property of fractionated oil is it never goes bad or smelly. This helps in removing makeup or any Stains better than a remover and also does the job of a moisturizer, so it does the job of two. It is free of Paraben and Phthalate and doesn’t have any color at all. The natural aroma of the oil is present throughout, and no external fragrance is used. It doesn’t get stiff or solid during winters. Contains Capric and Caprylic acid which makes it even better for your hair.

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 4.Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

With the application of this oil, you can achieve baby like skin. This is 100% coconut based oil and provides the best properties out of all. This can also be used for weight loss when normally consumed from the jar as per usage. This can also be used for baking and cooking also. This is prepared by the cold pressed method which allows the oil to have all the properties direct from the fresh coconut and no added preservatives or other harmful chemicals.

This oil is loaded with an acid called lauric acid that has anti-microbial properties, and it helps in fighting microbes in your body too. This oil has a property of penetrating deep into your skin and hair and hence providing more and intense nourishment. This soothes the skin decreasing pimples and acne than the other creams that are available in the market. This is also a better alternative of make-up removers and moisturizers for every skin type. There is no oil that has ever said could cure lice, but this oil claims to do so very well. It can remove the bacteria or fungi that are growing on your head and causing infections.

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5.Anjou Coconut Oil

This oil comes from Philippines best coastal areas and is the supplement to all your daily haves. They use the method of cold pressing too in order to have the best quality oil for you. It is free of bleach, trans-fat and hexane too. It contains some amount of fatty acids which make it very good for us. With all the properties of coconut oil and so much more this is a package you couldn’t say no to. It is a soothing agent for your skin and hair throughout the year in extreme weathers. This is known to moisturize your hair like a pro from the roots to the tips leaving it with a slight scent of coconut. If this is used for the hot oil treatment, then there are instructions that should be followed since this can result in amazing hair for you.

Now, in general, this can apply thrice a week an hour before you shampoo or night before you shampoo. This also reduced dandruff by objecting the growth of bacteria’s in your scalp. This again comes handy as a better alternative to butter or cheese or cooking oil. This has its own taste which enhances the taste of your food too. In terms of skin, it also acts as a makeup remover and moisturizer without producing any more sebum.

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6.The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine

This oil is known to be worth its price. The oil moisturizes the hair and also works as a body lotion. It seals in all the moisture inside the hair in order to present you with soft, shiny hair the next day. It is recommended that you apply it all over your hair overnight and keep it like that. After that, you can shampoo your hair the next day to get softer hair. You will notice the change with each day. If you have oiled your hair the night before then, you skip conditioner altogether. Another way of applying this is after a shower while your hair is still wet. You can softly pat the hair afterward in order to achieve a soft shine on it. This can also be used to curl your hair.

This is a better agent that all the other chemicals in the market. Also, this is neither sticky nor greasy so can be easily washed off using a mild herbal shampoo in order to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals acquired from the oil. This also has skin care properties like providing aglow to the skin, lighting tones and saving from the sun rays. This comes in a moderate sized bottle but since such a little amount is needed so lasts longer than others.

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7.Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

We all know what Shea butter can do for our skin and hair. When combined with coconut oil, it gives results like none other. No one combination can prove to be this good. It has several fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which restore the properties of your skin naturally that might have got damaged with all the pollution around. This is an extra sheet of protection that is provided to our skin along with some more nourishment. This doesn’t leave any residue or grease thus making it almost impossible to get acne or breakouts because of the oil. If used for hair it is meant to soften your hair and also protect it from the sun. It is to be used in little amount since not alot is required.

It gets absorbed really quick and good. It can be used as a moisturizer all over the year. People with dry and cracked skin can use it really well. Also, you should do a patch test before since this is completely natural and might not be very good for everyone since natural things sometimes prove to go a bit wrong. Otherwise, this is very good for our skin and hair. If the oil is kept below room temperature, then it may solidify which is nothing to worry about. As soon as you take it in your palm, it will start melting.

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 8.Spectrum Essentials Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

This is ideally made for body care more than hair care. This is supposed to give shine to your body and hair. It stores back the protective layers of hair that sometimes get destroyed because of excessive pollution and sun damage. It brings back the integrity of hair and gives it life and volume with advanced texture and care. It has a rich aroma of the tropical region it is made from. It can be used a night before shampoo or even afterward like a conditioner. But this is thick oil, so it is recommended to be used before shampoo. It doesn’t have any added extra preservatives. It is also very useful for people with cracked elbows and knees. it should be applied after washing the affected area thoroughly with water and then let it sit for the night. You will see the change in a week or so. It can also be used for cooking purposes.

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9.OGX Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist, Nourishing Coconut Oil

This is an exciting yet nourishing combo for all your people out there. This has the nutrients from coconut and bamboo to make your hair super healthy and full of texture and moisture. It hydrates your scalp in order to keep it healthy and away from any kind of bacterial growth. This is also used as a mist, which is another way, so it is a two-in-one package. It will give life to your strands and also the smoothness it deserves. It adds the shine that is lost amidst all the harmful effects of sun and the pollution we face every day.

Use it anytime to give some instant life and bounce to your hair. This can be used to tame little fly-a-ways while having no chemicals on your hair at all. This is a perfect alternative for the harmful hairsprays. Use this as much and as regularly you want. It is not greasy so won’t stain your pillows or clothes, and neither is smelly. It has a sweet scent to it that comes from the bamboo and coconut itself. Nothing is added externally. It gives best results when used a day before shampooing in order to have smooth, silky hair.

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 10.Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin

This hair oil has claimed to have no additives like hexane, sulfates or even perfumes which instantly make it one of the great choices amongst all. This is both a skin oil and a hair oil. It can be used for hot oil massages too. This has a range of benefits that oils of this price range won’t offer you. So, why not take something affordable yet full of properties. When it comes to hair, it adds shine, makes it smooth and also removes dandruff. It can soothe any kind of itchiness and stop bacterial growth in your scalp. For skin it keeps the skin hydrated even in summers when oil can cause breakouts. This won’t clog your pores or cake up your skin while you are out in the sun. This is very good for those people having stretch marks. Regular massages can remove stretch marks. A very good supplement to your chap sticks. Use it at night to have soft and plump lips every morning.

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Conclusion about best coconut oils

So now we know what coconut oil does to our hair and what it can do for our skin. In India, it is a very popular tradition to use coconut oil for so many uses. Whether it is your skin or your hair, it works equally well with both of them and can also be consumed with food. There is a region in India that cooks only with coconut oil. So we know how important it is. Its properties are age old and have numerous benefits. The minerals and nutrients present in it make it so important and beneficial. The oil cures woes related to hair in weeks and gives you something that you can be proud of. It deals with frizzy hair, rough hair, hair fall, dandruff, breakage, etc. while in the case of skin problems it is known to fix blemishes, aging, skin damage due to harmful rays, pigmentation, etc.

In the case of hair, it is used as a conditioner either by including it in the hot oil massage or by applying it after the shower in order to use it as a conditioner. Oiling your hair once a week is considered must as it is the sole food for your hair. Again in the case of your skin, it can be applied directly on the problem areas. Also can be applied in areas where there is roughness, cracking or peeling. It heals all of this and so much more.

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