Top 5 Best Cat Trees In 2017 Reviews

Cats are considered to be great pets. Hearing them purr as they play with a ball of wool surely keeps away all the tiredness you may feel after a hectic day at work. However, owning a cat is not just about cuddling and playing with them. It is about taking care of all their needs.

Proving them with personal space to claw at furniture is one of them. It is always a sight of horror as you discover claw marks on your favorite new couch or your kitchen counter. While for you such a prospect is a nightmare, for you cat it is just a way to bond with their owners. They feel territorial about anything that has your smell.

One solution to avoid such a disaster is declawing your pet. However, the process of declawing causes immense pain to your cat. Therefore, it is advisable that you provide them with a personal space where they can cause destruction all they want. If you are looking for such a solution, cat trees may be the thing you are looking for.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the decision of picking the perfect tree for you cat? Do not worry, for we are here to tell you about five of the best cat trees available on the market.

1.Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

This cat tree is considered to be amongst the best cat trees available on the market today. Users have well received it for its value-added features and affordable price. You can read its various positive reviews online.

However, make sure that the product is correctly assembled or it may be a little wonky.

Main Features

If you have a medium-sized cat, you will be happy with this cat tree. Its primary feature is its five scratching posts which give your cat enough space to destroy the piece of furniture with its claws happily.

Moreover, the size of the base of this product is comparatively smaller than other available products. This means that the cat tree does not take a lot of space. It is a highly convenient pick since it insures the satisfaction of your cat while simultaneously not requiring much of a compromise from you. The fact that the cat tree is made out of compressed wood also adds on to the convenience of the product since it means you can easily move it around.


  • The dimensions of the product are as follows.
  • The cat tree consists of two perches, a condo, and a ladder.
  • The package includes comprehensible instructions on the setup process.
  • It is made out of compressed wood, sisal rope and faux fur. It makes it both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The cat tree is available in a beige color and is 52 inches high.
  • The overall size is 21*21*52 inches.
  • The size of the base is 19*19 inches.
  • The condo included has a size of 12*12*10 inches.

Pros & Cons

The major perk of having chosen this product is that it is highly easy to assemble. You will not require any professional help for the setup of this cat tree. Moreover, compared to other products, this cat tree is inexpensive.

However, the inclusion of only one condo means that this product is only fit for use by one cat. It is slightly smaller than other products and therefore will not be suitable for larger cats.

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2.Vesper Cat Furniture, V-Base

Do you desire a cat tree which satisfies your cat’s need for scratching at items, while maintaining the beauty of the product and therefore the décor? If so, you, like many other cat owners, will appreciate this cat tree.

However, one may find that this cat tree is more focused on your wants than your cat’s satisfaction.

Main Features

Vesper Cat Furniture is known to offer items that are marked by innovative design and materials that are cat-friendly. The primary characteristic that sets this product apart is the inclusion of memory foam cushions in the sleeping pads. Such an addition helps in insuring that your cat is as comfortable as possible in its sanctuary.

Moreover, the scratching areas are covered in ropes rather than carpets. Such a feature has been well received by pet owners who had despised the inclusion of carpets in cat trees. Moreover, the MDF used in the product makes it sturdy and attractive. This characteristic, in turn, enhances the durability of the cat tree while delivering a stylish and smart product.


  • The product includes a cubic cave and one platform.
  • It is ideal for a single cat.
  • It is accompanied with natural scratching surfaces to curb the need of your cat to claw at your furniture.
  • The base has dimensions of 21.9*22.1 inches
  • The cat tree is 32.1 inches high.

Pros & Cons

One of the key advantages of this product is that its design is better than other cat trees. Such a factor means that this product can serve as an accessory as well as a haven for your pet. Moreover, the availability of color options and the robust construction of the product make it a popular choice amongst the masses.

However, customers have reported that the cat tree has a strong odd smell the first time it is taken in the home. This odor tends to go away in a few days. Moreover, the product is on the pricey side and is more focused on being aesthetically pleasing than in providing a platform for your cat to scratch at.

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3.Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Do you wish to have a cat tree that can cater to the needs of more than one of your cats? If so, you will consider this product to be the ideal choice for you.

Customers have lauded it for its interactive and multi-level construction. Customer reviews have been positive. However, you may find some of the platforms’ surfaces to be small and therefore not suitable for your large cats.

Main Features

This product includes a cat house which is bigger in size compared to the condos of other similar products. Such a huge condo insures that this product is cut out for more than one of your pets. It also guarantees that your cat can enjoy a comfortable nap whenever it pleases.

Furthermore, the cat tree includes various toys and accessories to keep your pet interested and entertained. The inclusion of sisal scratching posts is not only economical but also provides a satisfactory outlet for your cat’s need of scratching at things.


  • The cat tree is available in brown and cream colors.
  • The dimensions of the product are 15.75*15.75*46.5 inches.
  • It is covered with plush fabric to give it a stylish touch.
  • It includes a springy ball wand and a hanging ball toy to keep your cat contented.
  • The cat tree has multi-levels and a high lounge platform.

Pros & Cons

Customers are satisfied with this product. The fact that it is easy to assemble has made this cat tree very convenient for pet owners. Moreover, the inclusion of toys has been lauded by pet owners who believe that such interactive tools help keep their pets entertained for long hours.

However, it has been reported that the product is not ideal for large cats which can easily break off some of the components of the product. Moreover, the size of the platform is quite small.

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4.Pawhut 46″ Cat Tree Scratching Post Toy Condo Furniture

This product not only is unique in its design, but it also offers various value-added features. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that pet owners have widely appreciated this product.

You may find the houses to be a little small. However, since there are two of them, the product is still viable to be used for two cats.

Main Features

The factor that sets this product apart is its unique design. Not only does it include two condos, but the manufacturers have built it on two different posts to give privacy to each of your two cats, while simultaneously providing them with twice as much of space to play and claw at.

Moreover, the product is accompanied with multiple sisal posts. Such a tool allows your cats ample opportunities to satisfy their needs. The use of sisal insures that the product is highly durable.


  • The product includes two bases with a connecting bridge.
  • It is accompanied with a high post for your cat to climb on.
  • The dimensions of the product are 41*16*46 inches.
  • The cat tree is covered in fur to give it a luxurious feel.

Pros & Cons

The cat tree has been popular amongst pet owners due to its unique setup and inclusion of enough space to cater to multiple cats. Users believe that the product offers great value at an affordable price.

However, the houses of the cat tree are small, and the product takes up too much space. Users have suggested that there should be more than one high platforms.

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5.America Phoenix Multi Color Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Are you looking for a starter tree for your kitten to teach it not to claw at furniture? If so, this cat tree will be perfect for you and your kitten.

Since it only has one condo, the product can only be adequately used by one cat. However, the platforms can be utilized by multiple cats.

Main Features

This product features a plush fabric which gives this cat tree a royal feel while simultaneously insuring that your cat is as comfortable as possible. Such attention to the aesthetics and comfort of the product makes it a good option.

Moreover, the cat tree is made out of compressed wood. Since this material is known for being lightweight, the use of such a material has rendered this product to be capable of being moved from one place to another with ease. This feature makes this cat tree very convenient.


  • The product features a multi-level design.
  • It includes various sisal scratching posts.
  • The product is accompanied with ramps, play mouse, and perches.
  • It is 30 inches high.
  • The product is accompanied with an instructions manual to allow for easy setup

Pros & Cons

The major benefit of choosing this product is that it is compact in size. Such a factor means that you can successfully place this product wherever you like, without having to worry about it fitting or not. It also insures that your house does not feel cluttered with furniture.

However, the platforms and the play area included in this product are small. It means that this product does not provide a lot of space for your cats to play in.

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Conclusion of top best cat trees

We can derive the following significant points from this review:

  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture and America Phoenix Cat tree are made out of compressed wood which allows for them to be lightweight.
  • Vesper Cat Furniture focuses immensely on design.
  • Furhaven Tiger Cat Tree and America Phoenix Cat Tree include toys and accessories to keep your pets entertained.
  • All of the products include condos to provide your pet with a sleeping or resting area.
  • Vesper Cat Furniture is the most expensive of them all, while America Phoenix is the least expensive.
  • Pawhut and Furhaven Cat trees successfully cater to multiple cats.

Overall, all of these products succeed in providing an outlet for your cat. They are considered to be some of the best cat trees available today. Each of them has their sets of pros and cons. However, in each product, the value-added features and advantages outstrip the few drawbacks.

Any of the mentioned products will suffice in keeping your cat happy and entertained. Regardless of which one you pick, do not make a hasty decision. Evaluate each option by the size of your cat, the ideal capacity you are looking for, and your requirements regarding design and color.

Make sure you pick a cat tree which is perfect for you and your cat. Save the rest of your expensive furniture by giving your cat something to claw at.

Choose wisely.


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